County Surveyor

The primary mission of the County Surveyor is to re-monument and maintain the section and quarter-section corners in the public land survey system and to maintain the Courthouse survey records.

Surveyor Responsibilities

The Douglas County Surveyor is responsible for:
  • Performing all duties required by Wisconsin Statutes Section 59.45, which includes perpetuation of corners that are in danger of being removed because of road construction or re-building
  • Conducting field work as necessary to verify survey monuments, to make determinations in circumstances where there are conflicting survey records, and to assess future surveying needs within the County
  • Assisting the general public regarding questions or problems concerning surveying and land boundaries
  • Performing records search, field search, and re-establishment of a section or quarter-section corner when informed by public that reference and/or corner monument has been disturbed or destroyed
  • Filing and indexing all public land survey records and maps of surveys
  • Assisting private surveyors in records search, corner verifications, and methods and procedures for recovery or re-establishment of corners of the original government survey
  • Reviewing certified surveys, preliminary and final county plats, and preliminary and final State plats to assure compliance with the Douglas County Land Subdivision Ordinance and to make recommendations to the County Zoning Administrator and the Planning and Zoning Committee