ADRC Services

Information and Assistance

The ADRC is available to answer aging and disability related questions to the general public. We provide education on resources, long term care services, housing options, and publically funded programs such as SSI, SSDI, Medicare, and Medical Assistance. All community members, providers, loved ones, and agencies are welcome to call or come into the ADRC office during business hours or after hours by special appointment with questions or concerns about issues related to elders or living with disabilities. 

Long Term Care Options Counseling

We recognize that in today’s world, aging needs and long term care planning can be overwhelming and confusing. The ADRC offers consultation and guidance related to care in the home, assisted living options, nursing home options, dementia care and other cost-effective services.

Benefit Assistance

ADRC staff is able to assist you in obtaining needed benefits specifically related to Social Security Income, Medicare, and Medicare Part D, supplemental health plans (for those over 60), and Social Security Disability benefits. Helping to complete applications and follow-up, ADRC staff will work with individuals to access benefits and services.

Screening for Family Care & IRIS

Through an assessment process called a Long Term Care Functional Screen, the ADRC connects people with programs that provide supportive home care and services for individuals over the age of 18 who have health problems, developmental, or aging related challenges. These programs are funded by the State’s Medical Assistance Program. Participants must meet the functional and financial requirements of the program. ADRC staff will complete the screen, determine eligibility, provide education on program options, and enroll individuals in the chosen program.

Health and Wellness

ADRC staff provides information on ways and individual can stay healthy and as independent as possible. Staff connects individuals to wellness programs that provide education on ways to avoid injury and prevent falls or how to manage chronic conditions.

Vital Connections

ADRC staff does not provide emergency assistance but they will connect individuals to someone who can respond to urgent situations such as adults in need of protective services or individuals with mental health concerns.