HIV testing and services

Knowing your HIV status is the first step in taking charge of your sexual health. There are free and confidential HIV and STI testing services for anyone, even if you do not have insurance. Care is provided without judgement or stigma. 

Services Provided
  • Provide HIV positive person and/or their sexual or needle sharing partner a chance to meet with trained staff to discuss:
    • Reducing their health risk
    • Notifying any partners who may share sex/needles
    • Referral for future needs
    • Follow up free HIV testing for those who do not know their HIV status
  • Partnership with Vivent Health to meet the needs of a person who may have financial or health care needs
  • Other agency resources and referral to help meet the needs of the client
  • Be in observance of Wisconsin Statutes s.250 and Wisconsin Administrative Codes, Chapter HFS145 as the state agency oversees and manages communicable disease prevention
More Information
For additional information, call (715) 395-1304 and ask to speak to a nurse about Partner Services.