County Board of Supervisors

2022-2024 County Board of Supervisors

2022 Supervisors

Not pictured: Marquise A. Slay

The county legislative body is the county board of supervisors. Members are elected to two-year terms at the April election held in even-numbered years. There are 21 supervisory districts, with one supervisor representing each district.


  • Mark Liebaert, Chair
  • Mary Lou Bergman, Vice Chair
  • Scott Luostari, Second Vice Chair
  • Rosemary L. Lear, Third Vice Chair
Members by District


The county board holds regular meetings on the third Thursday of each month, except during the months of February and July when there is no meeting scheduled. The county board holds an annual meeting on the last Thursday in October in which it reviews and approves the budget for the following year. In even-numbered years, the county board holds a meeting on the third Tuesday in April for organization. The board elects a chair and first, second, and third vice chairs.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings.
Agendas | Minutes

General Powers

In summary, the general powers of the board are to:
  • Manage, operate, sell, buy, and maintain all county-owned property
  • Enact ordinances authorized by statute
  • Set salaries and fringe benefits for county employees
  • Approve a budget and tax levy each year and delegate the use of revenues for county government costs
  • Transfer funds during the year and borrow by bond issues or other means for construction of facilities and county needs deemed necessary and not otherwise provided for
  • Examine and settle all accounts of the county and all claims, demands, or causes against the county and issue county orders therefore
  • Prescribe the form and manner of keeping the records in any county office and the accounts of the county officers and designation of depositories
  • Join with the state, other counties, or municipalities in a cooperative arrangement as provided in Section 66.30 of the Wisconsin Statutes

County Board Chair

The chairperson of the county board is elected by the board at the organizational meeting in April of even-numbered years. The chairperson is responsible for expediting all measures passed by the board.

Some of the duties of the chairperson are:
  • To preside over all meetings of the county board and Executive Committee
  • To appoint the county board standing committees, special committees, and representatives to other committees, boards, and commissions
  • To represent the county board and carry out its work
  • To sign contracts and legal papers for the county