It is the responsibility of the Register in Probate to maintain and update files regarding probate of estates, guardianships, protective placements, adoptions, and mental commitments. This is a statutory office with the position of Register in Probate filled by judicial appointment.

The goal of the Probate Office is to perform the duties as stated in Sections 851.72, 851.73, 851.74, and 865 of the Wisconsin Statutes and to follow the guidelines established by the judges in the 10th District.

The Clerk of Juvenile Court files all documents and keeps the court records of the files pertinent to the children's and juvenile justice code.


The mission of the Douglas County Register in Probate is to provide clerical, record keeping, accounting and administrative services to the Court system in the area of probate and all juvenile case filings, following the Wisconsin Statutes and policies set by the Circuit Judge. This office is run in a high quality manner; showing compassion, confidentiality and understanding to all served.

Legal Advice

Register in Probate Office staff cannot give legal advice. Please contact an attorney if you have legal questions or call the lawyer referral service at (800) 362-9082.

The majority of the cases filed with the Register in Probate is confidential and are not open to the public.

Confidential case types include:
  • Guardianships (both for the Incompetent and Minors)
  • Protective Placements 
  • Protective Services
  • Conservatorships
  • Mental Health Commitments (both Adult & Juvenile) 
  • Alcohol Commitments (both Adult & Juvenile)
  • Drug Commitments (both Adult & Juvenile)
Juvenile case types, including: 
  • Children in Need of Protection or Services (CHIPS), which are child abuse and neglect cases  
  • Juvenile Guardianships (CHIPS Guardianships)
  • Juvenile In Need of Protection or Services (JIPS), minor under 17  
  • Juvenile Delinquencies, criminal charges for minor under 17
  • Forfeitures (Including Truancy, Traffic violations for anyone under age 16, and any other non-criminal violation, such as Possession of Tobacco by a Minor, for anyone under age 17) 
  • Adoptions 
  • Termination of Parental Rights cases
  • Restraining Orders/Injunctions against Juveniles
  • Juvenile Mental
  • Group Juvenile 
The following case types are filed with the Register in Probate and are considered open public record:
  • Informal Probate
  • Unclassified Probate
  • Formal Probate
  • Special Administration
  • Summary Assignment/Summary Settlement
  • Ancillary Proceedings
  • Wills for Safekeeping (Wills are sealed until the maker passes away)
  • Will Filed – No Probate