Commissioner Roles

Family Court Commissioner
The Family Court Commissioner serves as Director of Family Court Services in Douglas County, which includes the handling of referrals to mediation for parents involved in disputes regarding custody or physical placement of minor children.

In addition, the Commissioner conducts temporary hearings, final uncontested divorce proceedings, and contested post-divorce evidentiary hearings in divorce actions concerning custody and physical placement of minor children, child support and family support obligations, responsibility for debt, and other such matters. The Commissioner also conducts hearings and enters orders in actions to establish paternity and in actions to establish or modify child support.

Juvenile Court Commissioner
The Juvenile Court Commissioner conducts evidentiary detention hearings and shelter case hearings and orders appropriate placement. The Commissioner also conducts all juvenile plea hearings and conducts juvenile ordinance court imposing fines and other appropriate sanctions. Further, the Commissioner holds evidentiary hearings and issues restraining orders in child abuse and harassment restraining order cases where a party involved is a juvenile.

Court Commissioner
The Court Commissioner also handles general circuit court matters which include criminal court matters and civil court matters. The criminal court matters handled by the Commissioner include the issuance of summonses, arrest warrants, and search warrants.

The Commissioner also handles all initial appearances of defendants, including the setting of bail and conditions of release, accepting pleas and deciding motions to dismiss criminal charges, and conducting all evidentiary preliminary examination hearings in criminal felony cases. The Commissioner also handles requests for extensions to pay outstanding fines and requests for quashing criminal commitment warrants for outstanding fines.

More Information
For more information, contact the Judicial Court Commissioner at (715) 395-1474.