Kinship Care

Services Provided
Kinship Care is a living arrangement where a minor child is residing with a relative. 
  • Can be court ordered or voluntary
  • State of Wisconsin provides monthly payment for relatives meeting eligibility requirements

Eligibility Requirements
Eligibility requirements include:
  • Social workers are able to show the child would be at risk of abuse or neglect if child remains in parental home
  • Social workers are able to show child has been abused or neglected by parent
  • Relative must demonstrate ability to meet the needs of the child
  • Relative must be able to provide a safe, stable living environment
  • Criminal background check
    • The relative and any other adults residing in the home must agree to have a local and state criminal background check completed and in addition to checking into any current or past involvement with Child Protection Services.
  • Extensive contacts with law enforcement or Child Protection Services by any adult in the home may cause the applicant to be denied Kinship Care funding
  • A home visit must be conducted to ensure home environment is appropriate and safe for the child
  • Annual reviews are conducted to ensure the relative continues to meet eligibility requirements

Additional Information
For additional information, contact Human Services at (715) 395-1304.