Child Protection Ongoing Services

Services Provided
The Youth and Family Services Unit provides Child Protection Ongoing Services:
  • Upon a child being a victim of abuse or neglect
  • At risk of abuse or neglect
  • Being deemed unsafe in the child's home
Services may be provided by order of the court under the statutory authority of the Children's Code on a voluntary basis.

Family assessments are performed addressing critical issues to child safety.  Service plans are coordinated including collaboration with service providers designed to promote behavior change within the family.  Child safety in the home is assessed at designated intervals and case plans are evaluated measuring progress regarding the family making necessary behavior changes supporting the safety of the child.

  • Court reports, with recommendations and testimony, are provided to the court.
  • Placement of children is facilitated in a least restrictive manner upon order of the court when a child cannot be determined to be safe even with in-home services.
  • Upon placement, significant effort is placed on reunification of the child with the family and establishing a permanent placement of the child concurrently.