Child Care Assistance

Child Care Assistance

What is Child Care Assistance?

The Child Care Subsidy Program, Wisconsin Shares, assists low-income families to pay for childcare services.

Am I eligible for Child Care Assistance?

Childcare assistance is available to low income families who need it for employment, for teen parents in school or working on obtaining a GED, and for families who are in a training program working to improve their employment status. Families must have income below 185% of poverty to be initially eligible, and can continue to be eligible until income exceeds 200% of poverty. Most parents are required to share the cost of childcare through a co-payment required.

How do I apply?

Please go to Access to sign up.

Individuals interested in applying can apply in the following ways:

Contact the Call Center at (715) 395-1544, Ext. 2 
  • Apply for benefits
  • Report a change
  • Complete a renewal
  • Ask a question

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