Special Camping Permit

General Information

Special Camping Permits are designed to allow people to experience primitive, wilderness camping on Douglas County Forest Land and some Special Use Land.

Permits can be purchased in advance for $40.00 per permit and are available at the beginning of the calendar year for which they are issued on a first-come first-serve basis. Permit fees are due at the time of purchase.

**Special Camping Permit Application**

Permits are available at the Douglas County Forestry Department Office located on Business Highway 53 in Solon Springs, approximately 30 miles south of Superior. Contact the Forestry Department by phone at (715) 378-2219 or by e-mail to receive additional information. Permits may also be purchased by filling out and mailing the special camping permit application and mailing the application with a check or money order to:

Douglas County Forestry Department
9182 East Hughes Avenue
P.O. Box 211
Solon Springs, WI 54873

  • For a full listing of terms and conditions of the special camp permits please see the back page of the special camping permit application.

  • One permit per CAMPING LOCATION per time period. Permit is limited to no more than 3 camping shelters, each requiring a permit fee, with a maximum of 10 people per shelter. The camping shelter may be a tent, camper, truck camper, or other camping unit used for overnight sleeping accommodations.

  • A permit fee is due for each shelter and each shelter must be identified on the permit and paid for at the time of purchase.

  • Each PERMITTEE, or GROUP, or camping shelter is limited to no more than 3 permits (30 total days) per calendar year. Permits can be utilized for any combination of consecutive 10 day time periods or separate 10 day terms.

  • Special Camping Permits are not allowed on or around Developed Recreation are