Bough Permit

General Information
Permits are available at the Douglas County Forestry Department Office, located on Business Highway 53 in Solon Springs, approximately 30 miles south of Superior. Contact the Forestry Department by phone at (715) 378-2219 or by e-mail to receive additional information. Permits may also be purchased by mailing the 'REQUIRED PERMIT INFORMATION" (see below) with a check or money order to:

Douglas County Forestry Department
9182 East Hughes Avenue
P.O. Box 211
Solon Springs, WI 54873

Permits allow for the cutting and removal of balsam boughs on Douglas County forest land. Commercial permit cost is $100.00. We also offer a Personal Bough permit for $10, allowing for harvest of up to two large armloads. The permit expires mid-December of the year it was purchased. Expiration date is specifically indicated on the permit.

The permit holder must inform the Douglas County Forestry Department of where the boughs will be sold. The permit holder is responsible for weight scale slips that must be turned in to the Douglas County Forestry Department, with payment for same, before the date indicated on the bough permit.

Permits will indicate all family members given permission to cut and remove balsam boughs. Permit must be in possession while boughs are being gathered and transported.

Required Permit Information
  • Permittee Name and Address
Responsibilities of Permit Holder
  • No boughs may be taken from any tree less than seven feet (7') in height.
  • One-third of the live crown of the tree must be left untouched.
  • Do not harvest branches with ends larger in diameter than a pencil.
  • Leave spike portions along the main branch to grow for future harvest.
  • No rutting of access roads.
  • No cutting is allowed within 200 feet of any lake, river, stream, county or town road, state highway, or county color tour road.
  • No cut products from a commercial timber sale may be taken.
  • The permittee will not interfere with any commercial timber harvest that may be in the area.
  • It is further understood by the applicant that they assume all responsibility for their own protection and agree not to hold Douglas County responsible for any accidents or injuries that may happen to themselves or others in their company, and that they will hold Douglas County harmless for any and all suits or claims for damages to personal property or buildings affixed to the real estate which may arise from said removal of boughs.
Notice: All prices are subject to change.