Reporting for Service

How to Find Out When to Report

When you receive a Summons to Serve as a Juror, call the Jury Clerk at (715) 395-1471 if you are on Judge Thimm's panel or call the Jury Clerk at (715) 395-1207 if you are on Judge Glonek's panel. You must make this call after 4:30 pm the evening before you are to report.

Oftentimes, a scheduled trial may settle. If it does, you will be instructed not to appear for that particular trial and told when to call again.

If the trial does not settle, you will be instructed to report for jury duty the following day. Listen carefully to the message. Do not report unless the recording tells you to do so. The recording is on only after 4:30 pm the evening before the trial is scheduled to begin. If for some reason the recording fails, please call the jury number in the morning, after 8:00 am.

Where to Report

If you are instructed by the message to report, you must appear at the third floor of the Courthouse at 8:30 am. The address is 1313 Belknap Street in Superior. The Courthouse is located at the intersection of Belknap Street and Hammond Avenue. Do not report for jury duty to the newly constructed Government Center (which is located behind the Courthouse).

Trial Duration
Most trials last between one day and three days. You will be advised of the possible length of a particular trial when you report for jury duty. Evening work is generally avoided. However, if a jury is deliberating, it may be necessary to work after hours for that purpose.

Overnight Stay
You are not required to stay overnight except in the event of a murder trial. If so, you will be advised of this when you call in for jury duty the evening before the trial.

Juror Payment
If you appear for jury service for a particular trial but are not selected to serve, you will be paid $12.50. If selected, you will be paid $25 for every day you serve. You will be paid by check following your jury duty. You will also be paid $0.485 (2015) per mile round trip to the Courthouse for each day you are required to report. Therefore, be sure to keep the court informed as to your mileage so that you can be properly reimbursed.