Excusals & Deferrals

All requests to be excused from jury duty must be made in advance. The Court may excuse a person from jury service only if the Court determines the person cannot fulfill the responsibilities of a juror.

If you are requesting an excusal and are on Judge Kelly J. Thimm’s panel, contact Mary at (715) 395-1471. If you are on Judge George L. Glonek's panel, contact Carol at (715) 395-1207.

The Court may defer to a later date the period in which a person must serve jury duty if the Court determines that service as a juror would entail "undue hardship, extreme inconvenience, or serious obstruction or delay in the fair and impartial administration of justice." See Wisconsin Statutes Section 756.03(2). If a deferral is granted by the Court, the juror will need to serve during another month within a 12-month period from when they were originally summoned to serve.

To request a deferral, contact Mary at (715) 395-1471 if you are on Judge Thimm's panel, or contact Carol at (715) 395-1207 if you are on Judge Glonek's panel.