CIRCUIT Court Branch I

Branch I of the Douglas County Circuit Court is one of two trial courts handling the caseload of Douglas County. It is presently presided over by Judge Kelly Thimm, who was elected to the bench in 2009.

The two branches share the caseload according to a rotation plan approved by the judges. Large claims, civil actions, family law cases, and all forfeitures are divided equally between Branch I and Branch II. Case types that are divided equally between the judges include traffic, forfeitures, small claims, evictions, civil, family, adoption, criminal, and termination of parental rights.

Circuit Court Judges

Circuit court judges are elected by the citizens of the County and serve six-year terms. The powers of circuit court judges are the same throughout the State. Occasionally, the judges are assigned to handle cases in neighboring counties in their district, such as Ashland, Burnett, or Bayfield.


If you are in need of a transcript for a hearing for Judge Thimm, please contact his Court Reporter, Adam Graupe, at (715) 395-1357. There is a cost associated with the production of transcripts and will need to be paid before a transcript is started.