Poster and Speaking Contest

2023 Theme: One Water

If you intend to participate, please notify Ashley Vande Voort at 715-395-1266 or  

Poster Contest - Grades K-12

Posters are due to County Conservation Department January 13, 2023.

Top posters will move on to the regional, state and national contests.

*Students will not be in attendance for judging dates


Teachers can choose how involved they want to be in the contest.  Three potential options are:

1.  Just hand out  the form to students and let them choose if they want to make a poster.  If you’re feeling generous, maybe you could offer extra credit to students who participate.

2.  Incorporate the poster into one of your lessons.  This can match well with science and art lessons.

3.  Invite me to come speak in your classroom.  I am a verified secure volunteer by School District of Superior.

Posters can be mailed or brought to my office in the courthouse, 1313 Belknap St, Rm 206, Superior, WI 54880.  If needed, I can also pick up posters from your school.

Poster Contest Application

Speaking Contest

Grades 5-12

Classroom contests must be completed by January 13, 2023

Top speakers from schools will present at Douglas County contest (Superior) on January 19, 2023

Top speaker from Douglas County will present at Northwest Regional contest (Hayward) on February 3, 2023

Top Speaker from Northwest Region will present at State contest (Wisconsin Dells) on March 1, 2023

*Speakers MUST be present to say speech if they are chosen to proceed to the next level of the contest, otherwise an alternative speaker will be selected.  Students may be eligible for travel assistance.


Contact me immediately if you are interested in participating in this contest.

If desired, I can serve as a judge for a classroom. 

Speaking Contest Application