Land Use Permit Information


  • Douglas County zoning permits are required for:
  • Building, moving, or altering any structure
  • Changing the use of an existing structure
  • Grading and filling
  • Variety of land uses

Complete the permit application as accurately as possible and return the application with the correct fee. The applicable zone district sheet explains uses listed as “Permitted Uses” which require a land use permit. “Uses Authorized by a Conditional Use Permit” will require a recommendation from the Town Board and approval by the Zoning Committee at a public hearing. 


An address number/fire number is required for the first structure on the site. Application for an address number should accompany the land use permit for the structure. Address Number Sign Placement


The information provided in this section is not intended to cover all County or State requirements. Special permit conditions exist on land parcels adjacent to streams, lakes, and wetlands. Please contact the Douglas County Planning & Zoning office at (715) 395-1380 if additional information is required. Chapter 26.03 of the Wisconsin Statutes states “no person may harvest any raw forest products until 14 days from notifying the County Clerk of the person’s proposal to harvest.” Contact the Douglas County Clerk’s office at (715) 395-1483.